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The Fighting in 1940


The Fort of Schoenenbourg was the mos heavily bombarded structure on the Maginot Line.


From May 14th 1940, it was subjected to enemy attack. Notably, German artillery employed a giant 420 mm howitzer which fired 56 shells - each weighing more than a ton - at the Fort. From June 20th, German planes bombed the Fort seven times, dropping 160 tons of bombs on the combat blocks and the entrances. In all, the Fort was attacked by more than 3 000 bombs and shells of different calibres.


In spite of the incessant bombardment, the Fort maintained its defnece capabilitiy. It retaliated efficiently and its guns fired more than 17 000 shells. Unconquered, the crew of Schoenenbourg only laid down their weapons on the formal order of French High Command, six days after the Armistice took effect.


Discovering the Fort of Schoenenbourg


The Fort of Schoenebourg is complet and authentic and is entirely equipped with all its original elements. The Fort is listed in the inventory of Historical Monuments.


You will discover the whole infrastructure and underground installations :

- the barracks with sanitary facilities, the kitchen, sick bay and electrical power plant

- the main gallery with its secret emergency exit

- the command post

- a combat block with its impressive gun turret

- various thematic exhibitions


Practical information


Interior circuit of 2 800 m, 30 m undergroud, with sound effects from the time recreating a period atmosphere : visit 2 hours.

The Fort is equipped with a lift and is entirely secure.

Interior temperature : 13°c (55°F), warm clothing i recommended.







WWII historical museum in Hatten


Located at 1 km behing the Maginot Line, L'Abri de Hatten was a barrack for the blockhouse soldiers, with 240 beds capacity.


In 1945, from January the 9th to the 21th, American and German forces fought to such an extent that the village of Hatten and the neighbourhood were totally destroyed : the whole area was wiped out with hundreds of casualties, both civilians and soldiers. This tank battle is considered as one of the most important of WWII.






Over an area of more than 7000 m², this unique collection in  Europe, brings together more than a hundred vehicles and armored, hundred of uniforms and weapons of WWII.

Interesting for both adults and children.

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